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Jeffrey Townsend
New Haven, CT
Research Interests:
# Ongoing experimental research includes work characterizing genome-wide gene expression variation in the model microbes Saccharomyces cerevisiae (the wine and bread yeast) and Neurospora crassa (the filamentous fireburn saprobe). # Theoretical work includes modeling of the evolution of gene expression, bioinformatics and statistics for the analysis of DNA microarrays, phylogenetics and evolutionary biology, and novel theoretical approaches for the analysis of microbial communities when horizontal gene transfer belies traditional species concepts.
Yale University
Publications in PubMed
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History of Education and Employment
Assistant Professor, Yale University, 2006-present
Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, 2004-2006
Miller Research Fellow, 2002-2004, University of California, Berkeley, California
Ph.D. 2002, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
B.S. 1994, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island