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Michael Sammeth
Barcelona (Catalunya)
Research Interests:
Alignment, Multiple Alignments, Repeats, Tandem Repeats, Splicing, Alternative Splicing, Splice Graphs, Short Read Sequencing, New Sequencing Technologies, Next Generation Sequencing, Protein Domains, Protein Interaction Networks, Vizualization, Algorithms, Phylogeny, Metrics
Publications in PubMed
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Michael Sammeth, Gabriel Valiente, Roderic Guigó: Bubbles: Alternative Splicing Events of Arbitrary Dimension in Splicing Graphs. RECOMB 2008: 372-395

Michael Sammeth, Thomas Weniger, Dag Harmsen, Jens Stoye: Alignment of Tandem Repeats with Excision, Duplication, Substitution and Indels (EDSI). WABI 2005: 276-290

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