SciVee is the leading site dedicated exclusively to video and rich media for the academic and professional research scientist. We offer thousands of videos organized into dozens of subject areas in both the physical and life sciences. Videos are created by scientists for scientists and freely uploaded and available. Our goal is to advance the dissemination of knowledge by helping to make your science visible.



In addition to videos, SciVee offers the ability to synchronize a video with text-based documents on-line in a web browser. This proprietary capability can be used to create PubCasts, PosterCasts, PaperCasts and SlideCasts. Providing the author the ability to highlight key results, these "SciveeCasts" enliven the research and help to deepen the viewer's understanding of the underlying science.


Journals, Conferences and Educational Institutions

SciveeCasts are available as part of solutions for journal publishers, conference organizers and educational institutions. Publishers, conference organizers and educational institutions enter into paid subscription arrangements with SciVee and make access to SciveeCasts available to their authors and researchers. As part of a subscription your organization also gains access to an extensive suite of administrative and analytic tools that complement and integrate with your existing workflows. For more information, please click on the buttons below.



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