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The oceans provide an irreplaceable resource to humankind which must be protected and managed into the future. The impact of changes in biodiversity as a result of direct and indirect human impact must be fully considered.

Aim of the conference

The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity has the overall aim of bringing together scientists, practitioners and the public to discuss and advance our understanding of the issues surrounding the importance of biodiversity in the marine environment. The conference will address issues of marine biodiversity across a deliberately wide range of relevant spheres and interacting topics. More information on the conference can be found at

Digital Objects

The conference organisers wish to minimise the wasteful use of paper and will support digital media for scientific and scholarly publishing, communication and public outreach.

Rather than scientific content being summarised in a paper poster format, it is intended that communication at the conference will be digital to facilitate more dynamic and effective presentations. All such scientific content will be made available to a wider audience both during and after the conference event.

The conference is working with SciVee to host and portray all the digital objects for the conference. Information as to how to upload your object to SciVee will be provided after abstract acceptance. For more information about submitting an abstract to the conference please go to

Authors are encouraged to be as creative as they wish and include images, movies and sounds as appropriate to convey the scientific message. Unless authors wish to do so, there is no need to edit a complicated composition - content is more important than production quality.

As a minimum, your digital object may simply be a digital version of what you would ordinarily print on paper, but the opportunity to be creative and show other content is actively encouraged. We will also undertake to create postercasts, podcasts and pubcasts during the event to create and present content and information in an accessible way to the wider community.

It is anticipated that digital objects will 'run' for between 3 - 5 minutes, they will be presented on a loop except during specified sessions when authors will be expected to be available by their presentation to allow further discussion of the content.

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World Conference on Marine Biodiversity

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