SciVee Journals is a total on-line solution for your journal's rich media needs.

Videos, slide sets and SciVee's proprietary PubCasts enliven articles and help drive more views. And it integrates easily into your existing workflow.

Videos, Slides & Pubcasts

Web 2.0 videos and slides can be uploaded and added to your journal. SciVee's unique PubCasts allow authors to upload and synchronize a video with their article. Everything is done on SciVee's web site, and the whole process takes only 1-2 hours. Videos and PubCasts can be easily embedded in other web pages for broader visibility. And rich media supplementary materials can be included with any article.


Increased Article Views

SciVee PubCasts give your articles extra visibility - having been proven to increase article views by more than 80%, they provide a major jump in readership from the moment they appear. Readers demonstrate a high level of engagement with PubCasts, consistently more than ten times that of a standard video. And PubCasts even give a boost to readership when added to previously published articles.


Sophisticated Administration & Reporting

Full publishing control is maintained by the journal staff. Access management, including open, limited or restricted viewing is included. For closed access journals, the ability to selectively obscure text is also available. Extensive Analytic Reports provide insight into most viewed, page and unique views, visit duration, country of visits, referring web site and sources of embedded views.


Integrates With Your Workflow

SciVee Journals has been designed to easily integrate with your journal workflow and is optimized for simplicity for your team.

  • Step 1: Journal staff sends a code to selected author.
  • Step 2: Author uploads their video and creates Pubcast on SciVee.
  • Step 3: Editor reviews and iterates on PubCast with author.
  • Step 4: Editor or staff publishes PubCast and embeds across the web.


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