SciVee Education is a complete on-line solution for your educational institution's rich media needs.

In addition to scientific videos and lectures, SciVee's proprietary technology enables slide sets and papers to be synchronized with video or audio capture of lectures or presentations. And these are all easily created and accessible via a web interface in your own dedicated channel on SciVee.

Videos, Slides & Pubcasts

Web 2.0 videos, slides and papers can be uploaded and added to your channel. SciVee's unique SlideCasts and PaperCasts allow professors, lecturers and students to upload and synchronize a video or audio with their document. Everything is done on SciVee’s web site, and the whole process takes only 1-2 hours. And document or rich media supplementary materials can be included with any upload.


Engaging Communities

Communities can be created to advance learning, stimulate discussion and promote interaction. Created at the time of initial upload, communities can be associated with a channel or a specific topic. They may be open to all or limited to an identified group of participants. And they can incorporate rich media uploaded from members or added from related content anywhere on SciVee. Moderated by a community manager, active interaction and advancement of knowledge occurs in a discussion board format.


Sophisticated Administration & Reporting

Publishing control is maintained by the education channel manager. Access management, including open, limited or restricted viewing is included. Extensive Analytic Reports provide insight into most viewed, page and unique views, visit duration, country of visits, referring web site and sources of embedded views.



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