SciVee Conferences is a complete web-based solution for your ePoster and video needs.

It can be used both during and after your conference to archive and display abstracts, posters and videos. It is organized into an easy to use format and is completely searchable. SciVee Conferences includes the following key capabilities:


Posters are organized into conference sessions for easy reference. Highly responsive online search by title, author and keyword is provided for rapid discovery. Each poster can be displayed in full screen mode with zoom-in/zoom-out for easy navigation of poster details. Abstracts are directly associated with each poster for additional information.


Video & Rich Media

Web 2.0 video and rich media are features fully supported. SciVee's unique PosterCasts allow authors to upload and synchronize a video with their poster. Posters may be easily embedded in other web pages for broader visibility. And associated supplementary materials can be included with each poster.


Sophisticated Administration & Reporting

Full publishing control is maintained by the journal staff. Access management, including open, limited or restricted viewing is included. For closed access journals, the ability to selectively obscure text is also available. Extensive Analytic Reports provide insight into most viewed, page and unique views, visit duration, country of visits, referring web site and sources of embedded views.


Integrates With Your Workflow

SciVee Conferences has been designed to easily integrate with your workflow and is optimized for simplicity for conference staff:
  • Step 1: Sessions and abstracts are automatically uploaded to SciVee.
  • Step 2: All authors are notified via email to upload their posters to the conference site.
  • Step 3: Uploaded posters are automatically associated with the abstract and session.
  • Step 4: Your conference staff publishes all the posters in a matter of minutes.

With its low fees, SciVee Conferences is light on your budget. And it is possible to more than offset any costs with sponsorship in the form of banner ads or a "sponsored by" clause on the conference homepage.


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