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BindingDB: Find my compound's targets

submitted by: gnicpro
This tutorial describes how to discover potentially new targets that may bind your compounds of interest in BindingDB. This unique capability is based on the principle that similar compounds tend to bind the same proteins.

The 21st Century Solar Army Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion Seminar Series

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Summary: The sun is a boundless source of clean energy, but it goes down every night. We and many others are trying to design solar-driven molecular machines that could be used on a global scale to store solar energy by splitting water into its elemental components, hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that could be used directly or combined with carbon dioxide to produce methanol, a liquid fuel. We are working on rugged light absorbers and catalysts made from Earth abundant...

Carbon Capture and Storage: What Are the Big Issues and Opportunities for Future Energy Resources?

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Summary: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) can make significant cuts in Greenhouse Gas emissions and will need to be part of the forward planning for developing future global energy resources. CCS technology comprises a number of steps: 1) CO2 is captured at the source (e.g., a power plant or gas production facility); 2) the captured CO2 is compressed to a supercritical state and transported, typically via pipeline, from the source to the geologic storage site; 3) the CO2 is injected via...

Auto-hemotherapy: Autohaemotherapy for genital, anal and perianal warts. PMID: 12343559 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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Auto-hemotherapy: Autohaemotherapy for genital, anal and perianal warts. PMID: 12343559 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Indian J Sex Transm Dis. 1990;11(2):57-8. Autohaemotherapy for genital, anal and perianal warts. Williams J, Raja DA, Kala M, Damodharan K, Sundraraj AS. Abstract PIP: 68 men and 16 women with venereal warts, who had previously been treated with podophyllin, cryotherapy, electrocautery, and surgical incision, were treated with autohaemotherapy. The patients were...

Materials - The Technology Barrier to Advanced Batteries for Energy Storage

submitted by: RASEIBoulder
Summary: Energy storage is the enabling technology for renewable energy, such as wind and solar, and particularly for the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles, the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). If long-lived, low cost and safe batteries are to be developed, the materials limitations must be overcome. Intercalation is the predominant reaction mechanism in rechargeable batteries in use today. Intercalation processes, unlike conversion reactions, allow for fast ionic motion...

BindingDB: Get all data from an article

submitted by: gnicpro
This tutorial describes the method of retrieving a binding information from an article of interest in BindingDB.